Mirror Mirror review

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It has been a while since I devoured a book, so when I read Mirror Mirror from start to finish in just over a week I knew that I had to share it with you lovely people of the internet. And boy do I have a lot to say about it, so this might seem a little sporadic, but I hope to get over just how much I love this book.

Mirror Mirror book cover

Let's start with the author, Mirror Mirror is only written by Cara Delevingne one of the most beautiful women in England. I will hold my hands up that this was one of the reasons that I didn't pick the book up sooner.

Not being the sort of person to judge a book by its cover, but when I learnt that Cara Delevingne had written a book scenes from Sex and the City started running through my head. You know the episode when they address the fact that there are guys who only date models, and there is that model who says "Most guys just think you're dumb, but I'm really very literary. I read. I'll sit down and I'll read a whole magazine from cover to cover."

This is the moment when I happily eat my words, although it wasn't the most challenging book I've ever read (it is YA after all, and I've read Game of Thrones) but I could not put Mirror Mirror down. There were times where you could feel a plot twist coming, however the way that those twists went were so unpredictable that I was completely taken aback.

The second, possibly very trivial reason why it took me a while to pick up this book is the reason that it was YA. For those of you who don't know my day job is a Secondary Teacher, and one of the biggest part of it (surprise surprise) is dealing with teenagers and their hormones.

My issue with YA is that a lot of it mirrors my everyday life with adolescents falling out over the smallest of things, that I don't want to pick up a book and be faced with exactly the same. When I read fiction I read to escape reality.

Now admittedly the themes that were covered in Mirror Mirror (don't worry I won't give anything away) I have met in my career, which is pretty scary once you know what they are. So it did feel a little like being back at work, but you have to be in my special situation for that to be a big deal.

Enjoying a good read in bed

I suppose now I really need to tell you about the actual story. We follow the life of Red; a teenager with an alcoholic mother and a father who spends more time with his mistress than he does at home leaving Red to look after a little sister. This isn't an easy life to deal with so Red finds solstice in the band Mirror Mirror.

What started as a school project where four of the most unlikely characters were thrown together, and what resulted was beautiful music. Yes I went there! Life was normal until one of the band members, Naomi suddenly goes missing, and everything that they thought they knew, people they thought they could trust gets turned upside down.

Now I could go on and on forever about Mirror Mirror, the storyline, the plot, how well it is written, but I am scared that I would give too much away. As I said you can tell when the plot is about to twist but they are what makes this book such a page turner.

If you haven't read Mirror Mirror yet I highly recommend that you do, and if you have then please get in touch because I need to have someone to be able to talk to about it. And what are you reading? I already have a huge pile of books on my to read list, but I am always happy to add a few more.

And finally by the way, yes the link in this page is an affiliate link. By clicking it the price doesn't change to you, but I might get a few pennies back in return.