So I might be trying a capsule wardrobe

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So I was at a wedding last year, and I was sat on the same table as a couple of the bridesmaids who I have known a little for a few years. However it had been a little while since our last encounter and to them my being vegan was still a fairly new thing so obviously we were having a round of twenty questions.

The conversation went along the lines of "so you don't eat meat, you don't drink and you don't smoke; so what's your vice?" and the honest answer to this question is shopping!

The state of my current wardrobe

If I were to think about it too much I could actually bring myself to tears if I think about how much money I have spent on clothing that fall into one of the following categories; clothes that I don't wear any more, clothes that I have never worn or the worst, seriously overpriced clothing I purchased as part of a phase. I easily have twice as much clothing in bags ready to donate than I do currently hanging in my wardrobe.

The truth is that I seriously need help, as like the large majority of women I only wear clothing from about 20% of the pieces that I own. So like many a blogger before me I am going to attempt a capsule wardrobe - don't get me wrong I am well aware that there are non bloggers with a capsule wardrobe, but they don't publicly advertise it so I can't reference them.

For those of you not in the know I am going to explain; a capsule wardrobe is 37 select pieces of clothing, including tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear and shoes which compliment each other so that you have an endless combination of outfits. Now obviously these are not the same 37 pieces throughout the whole year, at the changing of each season there are pieces that can be switched over until it is time to use them again.

37 pieces doesn't seem that many when you first think about it, and I will be making personal exceptions such as my capsule wardrobe is only going to focus on my casual/weekend clothing. I already have somehow created a mini capsule wardrobe for my workwear which (minus a new pair of shoes because I had to throw the last pair away) I am pretty happy with.

I really don't want to make a mess of this, as not only do I really need to get a handle on what could possibly be a shopping addiction, I really need to stop spending money that I don't have as I have a serious saving goal that I am working towards. So I am making sure that like the good student I have always been I am going to do my homework.

Last year I picked up a copy of The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees which I dipped into but didn't give it the time an effort that I really should have done. Jessica Rose Williams has also created an e book guiding you through building a capsule wardrobe that I am looking to invest in. However if you don't want to spend the pennies there are hundreds of pins on Pinterest, and I highly recommend that the next thing you do is go create your own capsule wardrobe board.

With Spring supposedly just around the corner, now is a great time for me to be thinking about what items I already have to start off my capsule wardrobe and which pieces are missing. Yes that does mean shopping, but it is shopping with a list and a purpose! It also means that once I have purchased those pieces I cannot buy anything else until my Summer wardrobe.

I have to admit that I am very nervous, but also really excited about this journey. Hopefully with a selective collection I will be able to look a little more put together, and maybe even look a little more like my actual age and not a wannabe teenager. Who knows?

Have you got any advice for me? Do you have a capsule wardrobe yourself? O r did you try it an decide that it wasn't for you? I would love to hear all about it.