Snow Day fun

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Happy Thursday everyone,

And what a Thursday it has been so far, yes I am writing this at half one and I have had the best day so far. Like many others around the country I have spent the day at home because I have been snowed in and even better yet the boy has been with me as his train broke down.

The bad weather is predicted to continue through the week and my plans for the weekend are quickly being cancelled so I wanted to share with you how I will be spending my newly free time.

Arts and crafts

Emily Peacock Curious Alphabet Cross Stitch

It has been a very long time since I sat and spent time on my sewing projects which is a shame because I love it and it is so calming. I am currently working on my third Emily Peacock tapestry (check them out here they are beautiful) and some projects for family and friends which I hope will be ready for Christmas. Watching the Snow fall and sewing is the best Snow Day activity.

Hiding under a blanket

It is the simple things in life that makes it magical. I have spent most of my Snow Day today snuggled up under a blanket, wrapping my hands wrapped around a steaming hot cup of tea enjoying a friends marathon. I have to admit that watching the snow flakes fall is kinda distracting from the television so I'm not really watching it.

Baking some cookies

It has become a thing in our house that I bake chocolate chip cookies at the weekend, well as my weekend has become a lot longer I thought it was necessary that I make them a little earlier this week. And as I have previously mentioned I'm not home alone today, they aren't lasting very long.

Bath time

Lush Bath Bombs

Another of my favourite occupations that I have been neglecting recently is my love of Lush and all their wonderful bath bombs. I used to have a huge collection of them, and it got to the point where they were sitting around for over a year before I was getting around to using them. This is why I am having a big use them all up session before I buy any more, plus I need to save a few pennies.

Read a good book

The best way to end a day a lazing around not really doing very much, is to spend it curled up under the covers reading a good book. And as it is World Book day I should probably make an effort, although I do need to choose a new book as I am in between a couple at the moment.

How has your Thursday been? Did you fight your way through the snow or did you have a nice lazy day today?