Pyjama wishlist

A glimpse into my world down here...

Brrr it is still very cold today, rather than going to work I would much rather be snuggling under a nice cosy blanket, watch yet another Christmas film (I haven't watched muppets yet) and drink a little too much vegan hot chocolate.

When you are hiding from the world the uniform is most definitely pyjamas, and if I'm honest my collection is starting to look a little sparse. So I have been doing a little bit of pyjama browsing and some of these are a little festive and some are just plain gorgeous. 

ASOS Gingerbread Man pyjamas - £28 ASOS

Okay so I admit there is only one pair of festive pyjamas, and funnily enough these are them. I used to have a cheap pair of Primark pyjamas that had gingerbread men on which I loved and wore to death. This would be me replacing them with a slightly better pair.


Star Piped Flannel pyjamas - £49.50 Hush

I love anything with stars on it, so when I saw these I absolutely fell in love with these. As we have been having such ridiculously low temperatures at night recently there is nothing better than a bit of flannel.


Satin Long Sleeve pyjamas - £35 Marks and Spencer

I already own a pair of pyjamas from the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley pyjamas and it is probably my most worn pair so I really want to get another pair. And how chic is this pair, I can see my lounging around the house in them looking effortlessly stunning.


Jersey Satin and Lace top and bottoms - £16 and £20 Topshop

I think this set is beautiful, but unfortunately I have tried them on in store and the trousers are really long. Unfortunately they don't come in a petite either so I won't be purchasing them. However they are beautiful so I still wanted to share them with you.


Romper - £75 Kate Spade

So I've left the most expensive to last, yes these aren't the most winter appropriate. And between you and me my legs would need a little bit of attention before I got my legs out even if it would only be the boy seeing me. All that aside these are beautiful and I love Kate Spade products.


There you have it ladies and gents, my pyjama wish list.

Remember to wrap up warm tonight.