You do you - my New Year resolutions

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Hello everyone and welcome to 2018! I can't believe it is here already, even though it seemed like a long time coming it got here faster than I expected.

So with a New Year comes new resolutions, and I like millions of people around the world I have set myself goals for the upcoming 2018. This year I have one main resolution that can be split up into smaller resolutions that I can work on.

This year my New Year's resolution is

You do you

I spend so much time running around after other people, doing things for other people that I want to spend 2018 focusing on me. As I said I am breaking this down into smaller, mini resolutions that I can focus on.


My health, both physical and mental takes priority

2016 was the year that broke me, 2017 was the year that I started my recovery and s0 2018 is the year that I work on getting me back to being me. That means that when I'm stressed, when the workload is getting too much that I remember that I come first and no matter what the task is it can wait.

When I was at my worst there would be times that I wouldn't eat, because in my head I had convinced myself that the work I was doing was more important. I have stayed up working until 11pm and then gotten myself up at 4am the next day to finish something.

This sort of behaviour has to end. I have to make sure that I am eating three meals a day, and good meals at that so I might have another go at meal prepping. When life gets too much I need to take a step back so I am going to try my hand at meditation. Then there is making sure that I exercise no matter what because it will be better for me than whatever it is I am doing.


It's time to define my style

Over the past 30 years I have tried every "look" there is under the sun when it comes to the clothes in my wardrobe. No I mean it! I've done the Gothic kid at school, random anime themed t-shirts, rock chick all the way to preppy and then 1950's glamour.  The problem is that I have never really felt myself in any of them, and I just want to be comfortable in the clothes that I wear.

Recently I have only been buying clothes that make me feel great when I wear them, no matter what category they fall into. I will say that they have mostly been falling into the "black" category, but there's nothing wrong with that.

It isn't just my clothes that I have been working on, since turning 30 I changed my hair so I am no fully blonde and I have taken the first steps to the piercings that I want. Speaking of my piercings; I love them, but I don't want them to be huge and in your face. I am also fed up of always replacing them, so I am investing in Maria Tash pieces for each hole.


I am a blogger, so I am giving it the time it deserves

Some of you will notice that I didn't complete Blogmas, I got to day 14, which for my first year I am pretty proud of myself. But this is what I want to be doing, so I am going to put in the time and energy that it deserves.

This means that I am going to get myself to as many events as I can, chances to meet with other bloggers, start reaching out to brands that I want to work with or something as simple as ordering business cards so I can get my name out there.


Most importantly, if I slip or forget my resolution at any point I'm not going to beat myself up over it. I am only human and humans make mistakes, but as I tell the students that I teach mistakes are proof that you are trying...