Why am I finding being vegan hard?

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 Sunflowers make it all better

Sunflowers make it all better

Why does it have to be so hard? For those of you who don't know I have been a vegetarian since I was ten years old, I converted just after the mad cow disease scare because after learning that they were feeding cows meat I found it inhuman! This opened up my eyes to just how wrong the meat industry is, don't worry I'm not going to go into gory details because it really upsets me but if you want to find out more I really do suggest checking out PETA's website.

This January I took part in the Veganary challenge, which to my pleasant surprise I found so easy that I have kept up the practice. Again as part of the challenge I looked into the dairy industry which just reinforced my decision.

As I said I found it easier than I thought it would be; I am cooking more of my own food at home than I have ever done before, you would be surprised how many restaurants do actually have or are introducing vegan options and if they haven't most are willing to adapt a currently vegetarian option into a vegan one.

The biggest issue I have had is the beauty side, last week I wrote a post on National Lipstick Day, where I had a closer look at my lipstick collection and the ingredients that they contain. But it doesn't stop there, I have discovered that nearly every product in my make up drawer has something in it that has been derived from an animal.

Here's the current predicament that I find myself in; yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Blogosphere Summer Party (that I will be posting about soon) and I was gifted items and products from the companies that sponsored the event. I know the event was not about getting free stuff, but I will be talking about the networking side of things in my future post.

We were all given a beautiful goodie bag, which I am sure I will be using so much in the next few weeks, contained with a variety of products. Don't get me wrong the companies were very generous because these are not cheap products, but I can't use any of them because they are either tested on animals or contain animal ingredients. Honestly who wants to wash their face in bee venom?

Then there is the company who I spoke to who told me that they don't test on animals, that there products don't contain animal ingredients. Get home and double check to find that they actually sell their products in China which means that they have to by Chinese law test their products on animals!

Finally there was the most expensive item that I was gifted at this event. Like everyone else I queued up, I spoke to the girls who represented their brand and I accepted my freebie. Now I have to mention that the item is electrical so made up of plastic and metals so (hopefully) no animal ingredients. But after reading the small print on the side of the box sat on the train home I discovered that the parent company was one of the worst for testing on animals.

So now I am sat here feeling shitty and a little pissed off. For one I had let myself get caught up in all the excitement, I had accepted products without doing my research and I had even gone as far as mentally planning the blog posts that I would write about them.

I wont be keeping any of these products, they will find homes with friends and family who don't share the same morals as I do, but I can't shake this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I should have known better.

My apologies for the rant but I had to get it off my chest, and as I said the food side of vegan has been a lot easier than I thought and I don't regret my decision at all.

Let me know what you think, I know that I am just one person.