My vegan breakfast

A glimpse into my world down here...

One of the common misconceptions about veganism is that you are limiting the choices that you have to eat. When I am sat in a restaurant looking at the menu it certainly feels that way, but when I am at home preparing my own food this couldn't be any further from the truth.

Now I am not the best at cooking, I always seem to burn something onto the bottom of the pan, which is why I decided to start with breakfast as it is harder to screw it up.

When I was a vegetarian breakfast was simply store bought cereal and milk but now obviously the milk has changed and I have to be so careful about ingredients so I make as much as I can.

So I wanted to share with you what I have been enjoying since I converted to veganism.

1. Soya yoghurt and fruit

 Fruit and soya yoghurt

Fruit and soya yoghurt

I'm going to start with the easiest option, and don't get me wrong it doesn't always look this pretty, and it certainly didn't stay this photogenic for very long.

So here are the details this is; Alpro soya yogurt, Flaxseed (a really good sauce of omega 3), strawberries, blueberries, banana and a honey substitute made from coconuts. I am currently using a coconut nectar made by Puro.


2. Coco granola

 Coco granola

Coco granola

Who would have thought that vegans could still have chocolate for breakfast? Well we can!

This granola is a recipe taken from Niomi Smart's book Eat Smart, which is full of plant based recipes which if you haven't checked out yet you really need to.


3. Almond & Coffee smoothie

Almond & Coffee

This is an adaption of the Cashew & Coffee smoothie from the Deliciously Ella Smoothies & Juices just because I prefer almond milk over cashew.

I will admit that this takes a little longer to prepare, so I tend to only have this at the weekend when I have the time.


How about you? What do you like to have first thing in the morning? I really want to try scrambled tofu but I'm not brave enough.

Emma x