My Christmas 2017 Bucket List

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 My Christmas candle

My Christmas candle

Ladies and gentlemen let us get right into the holly jolly festivities that lie ahead of us for the next 23 days!

It is true that there are things that are only appropriate at this time of year, and I wanted to compile them all for you in my Christmas 2017 bucket list. These are the 20 things that I hope to achieve in the run up to the big day.

You can follow my progress and see just how many of them I achieve over on my Instagram account. You could even join in with me and show me what you're getting up to by using the hashtag #Christmas2017BucketList.

So here is my Christmas 2017 Bucket List

  1. Trim the Christmas tree - starting with an obvious one I know
  2. Watch Elf - on the 10th I will be sharing my 10 favourite Christmas movies
  3. Write a letter to Santa - I suggest using this address
  4. Read A Christmas Carol - this is becoming one of my traditions every year
  5. Kiss someone under the mistletoe - if I can keep the boy still long enough
  6. Visit a stately home - I love going to Chatsworth House as they have a different theme each year, 2017 bring the world of Charles Dickins
  7. See a pantomime - "he's behind you!"
  8. Bake gingerbread - my vegan recipe will go up on the 4th
  9. Wear an ugly Christmas jumper - I will show you some crackers on the 5th
  10. Visit Santa - well you need to make sure that he got your letter after all
  11. Sing carols - could be at a carol service or maybe at a Christmas tree switch on
  12. Get dressed up - if you can't at Christmas then when can you?
  13. Snuggle under the blankets with a hot chocolate - I've got a couple of vegan ones for you on the 13th
  14. Go ice skating - preferably at an open air ice rink
  15. Buy some Christmas pyjamas - you need something special for The Night Before Christmas
  16. Donate a toy - use this link to find your closest drop off point
  17. Make a holiday playlist - make sure to get all the classics in there
  18. Make paper snowflakes - check out my pinterest board for ideas
  19. Donate to your local food bank - use this link to find your closest
  20. Give yourself a holiday manicure - has to be red and glittery!

Of course make sure that you send as much time as you can with your family and friends because without them Christmas just isn't as magical.

Merry Christmas guys

Emma x

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