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Hello everyone!

Class in progress

It has been so long since I've taken to the keyboard to write a post, my day job and everything that comes with it got the better of me. I'm taking this as an opportunity to learn that 1) I don't need to be posting every other day and 2) maybe I should have a few back up posts ready for future occasions like this.

Anyway I wanted to tell you what I've been up to recently, which is I went to my very first bloggers event! I know exciting right? Myself and other East Midland bloggers were invited to attend an event with Hot Pod Yoga Derby.

What's Hot Pod Yoga you ask? Well it is exactly what it says on the tin, you practice yoga inside a blow up pod which is heated, hence hot. That of course is the simple way of describing it, let me elaborate.

The pod itself is heated to 37 degrees, this warms the muscles more which allows for greater flexibility, basically making you that little bit more bendy so it is easier to get into all those twists and turns. Inside you are provided with a relaxing ambient lighting which allows the mind to relax and unwind from the stresses of the day.

So why where we invited? Well Hot Pod Yoga Derby have had two very exciting things happen recently, the first being is that they moved into their very own studio and secondly because they now have the freedom to offer more classes they have recently launched their new timetable.

Hotpod yoga timetable

Every exercise has its own unique advantages, for me I have found that it is my way of turning the brain off at the end of the day, but there is more than that. Leah our instructor was involved in a car accident as a small child and still to this day suffers from back pain, no matter how much the doctors and experts poked and prodded it wasn't until she stepped into the pod that she was relieved from this.

Still not convinced, well how about these benefits?

  1. A calmer mind - studies show that the less a mind wanders, the happier we are
  2. Better sleep - quality of sleep is more important than just quantity. Going to sleep relaxed leads to a more rejuvenating sleep
  3. Increased flexibility - perfect antidote to hunching over a desk
  4. Healthy organs - forward folds stimulate our reproductive organs, keeping them healthy
  5. Increased muscle strength - supple, stronger muscles helps us hold a better posture
  6. Better focus - increases blood flow to the brain, improving mental facilites
  7. Improved cardiovascular health - the heat makes the heart work harder, exercising the heart
  8. Less stress - increases activity in prefrontal cortex, helping us manage emotions and stress
  9. Anti-ageing - reduces the tissue inflammation that contributes to skin ageing
  10. Improved aerobic health - fully functioning respiratory systems benefits every cell in your body

So the big question is will I be going again? If I'm telling the truth, I had already attended a couple of classes before this event, so that is a big fat yes. The classes on offer at the moment are aimed at students who are beginners or at an intermediate level, in a few months time they will be offering more advanced classes and I am determined that I will get myself there.


Oh and by the way studio will soon be home to its very own salon, Celfie opening the 17th July. So once you left the pod all hot and sweaty you can get a quick little pick me up before you leave. Once it is open I will have a nose around and let you guys know.


Hopefully buy now I have convinced you to give it a go, if you are in the Derby area it would be great if you could pop down, Iam happy to save you a spot next to me. So book yourself a class either via the website or the app, I suggest the introductory offer of 3 classes for £15.

I hope you've enjoyed this post guys, I have to admit it has been hard to write. I love the guys at Hot Pod Yoga and I didn't want to let them down.

Emma x