How to cope with the back to work blues...

A glimpse into my world down here...


I have had a lovely week off, one of the few perks of the day job (teaching) is that I get regular holidays where I can pretend that I am a normal human being. The downside of that week of bliss and happiness is that it comes to an end, and with that end comes the back to work blues.

Having been through depression the Sunday night before a new term starts seems to be one of the hardest things that I have to face which is why I have built up coping strategies which I want to share with you tonight.


Prepare for the day ahead - Being a teacher obviously I have to prepare lessons but there are other ways in which I prepare.

  • Make sure the kitchen is clear of pots, otherwise in our house they have a tendency to build over the week
  • Change the sheets, that uneasy sleep is made a little easier with clean sheets and a fresh pair of pyjamas
  • Check your calendar for anything that you have over the next week that way you can be in the right frame of mind
  • Clear out the fridge of anything that looks a little funny and restock it with lovely goodies for the week ahead
  • While you are there why not do a little meal prepping and make your lunch
  • And the final thing that I like to prepare are my outfits for the week


Make sure that you have a little me time - yes the week ahead is going to be hard, so make sure that you spend some time for yourself

  • Have an early night in those clean sheets
  • Read a good book, I am currently still reading Women who run with the wolves
  • Meditate, or just generally sit quietly and relax
  • Stand on your head, but seriously yoga is really good
  • And by now you will know that I am a strong advocate f the bubble bath


I appreciate that not everyone has had a week off, so going back to work tomorrow may not be as bad for you, or it could be exactly the same I don't know. But if there is something different that you do to be able to get through the week I would love to hear them.


Emma x


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