I am a feminist but I am also a grown up

If you were to take a look at my current to read list (actually why not see if my bookshelf link is working and see) you would notice that there are more and more titles which revolve around feminism. Of course I am a feminist, every woman should be and for that so should ever man, but it is only recently that I have started taking a real interest in reading around the subject.

Other than reading I have also been listening to the #Girlbossradio podcast hosted by Sophia Amoruso the amazing woman who bought us the book #Girlboss. Every week she invited a woman who she admired, a woman who has done something amazing with her life. They talk through their careers from those first embarrassing jobs that really don't pay very much, right up to the point they are today, including if they ever got rejected or fired along the way.

A few of the women that have been invited on are also published authors, which is where I first came across the book Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett. The book is described as "a battle guide for a sexist workplace". I don't feel like my workplace is particularly sexist, most of the department is made up of women, but I have been in some in the past and I would like to be prepared if it were to ever happen again.

I had high hopes for this book as from the interview I know that a lot of detailed research into feminist acts and events went into this book and it is in there you just have to look really hard. That is a lie there is a whole list of references in the back so the research is actually really easy to find.

However when I read the book I couldn't help but feel like it had been dumbed down a little, or a lot. There are so many made up terms for the different males that we come across in the workplace, silly drawings or pledges for you to sign that I felt like I was reading an activity book. There is a page dedicated to the rules of the Feminist Fight Club, rule number one being you must talk about the Feminist Fight Club.

Now I know that I am a bit of a snob when it comes to books, I read to be challenged, to engage with the material, let's face it I loved reading so much I left primary with an adult reading age, so this was not the book for me. Would I recommend this book? I'm not sure, I know that I wont be rereading my copy, actually I might put it up for sale on my Depop account if anyone is interested. I will continue to read around the subject, hopefully there is a book out there more suited to my tastes.

If you have any that you would recommend I would love to hear them, as it will be summer soon and I haven't even started putting together my holiday reading list yet.

Emma x