Bank Holiday weekend

Have you ever had one of those moments where you think you've done something but actually haven't? Well I wrote this post on Friday, and I swear I set it to publish later that day but turns out I didn't. Had it gone out on Friday like I planned it would be perfect reading in preparation for the miserable weather that is currently outside. As it stands even as I publish it now it is a little redundant as the bank holiday is nearly over, however I wrote it, took a photograph to go with so I am going to publish it and you can just store the ideas for the next wet weekend. So here it is...


I have just got in from work, ahead of me I have a whole week off (half term, but there is a year 11 revision day I am helping to run) and the weather outside is beautiful! Unfortunately I live the in Britain which as Great as it is has one certainty; as soon as it is a long bank holiday weekend the weather turns for the worse.

There had been thoughts of going out for a picnic, wearing shorts, remembering to epilate my legs so I can be seen in public wearing shorts, but it looks like all that is going to have to go on hold. Although I should still sort out my legs.

What can we do when we are stuck inside? Well I know what the boy will be doing; playing computer games or watching Youtube videos of someone else playing a computer game (I don't really understand that bit). This will leave me with plenty of free time to fill, otherwise known as avoiding the housework.

So here are my suggestions of how to survive another Bank Holiday hiding from the weather;

  • Bake something - I have recently purchased some egg replacement and I am desperate to get baking again since going vegan
  • Build a fort - Use those really big cushions from the sofa and some blankets and hide in there for a while. Don't forget the best forts must have fairy lights
  • Disney movie marathon - Because who doesn't love a bit of Disney?
  • Board games - The boy and I started one of those impossible 1000 piece jigsaws last holiday, after a week we had given up because it was just so difficult
  • Make something - I always have a cross stitch on the go, currently I am working on this one (the letter E in purple) by Emily Peacock
  • Grab a book - I don't know about you but my pile of books to read is starting to take on a life of its own
  • Grab your camera - Brave the weather and see if you can snap something beautiful
  • Organise something, anything - I always like to rearrange my wardrobe, even if things go back in exactly the same place (I am actually thinking about starting a capsule wardrobe, but that's the next post)
  • Get bubbly - I will always always advocate a bubble bath, you just can't go wrong
  • Find a good cup of coffee - Why not sit in the window and watch the raindrops race each other down the window or as I did, took my book wit me

As I said a little late now but I hope that no matter what you did, even if you got caught by the rain I hope that you have enjoyed your three day weekend.

Emma x