I need to stop spending!

Hello again

I want to start my saying that this blog post was not an original idea, not sure how many are these, but this was a blatant I saw an idea on someone else's twitter and decided that it was a good idea. Charlotte Lucy from Shoestring Chic to be exact so shout out to her!

Let me elaborate, Charlotte is currently undergoing a no spend 6 week challenge where the only things that she is allowing herself to buy in that six weeks are groceries and toiletries that have come to an end.

Now I have made a couple of very large purchases in the past eight months which I am still paying off; the first being the car of my dreams a coral Fiat 500 which I love so much it actually made it into my list of things that make me happy, and the second being I had laser eye surgery. I don't regret either of these, but things are getting a little tight at the end of every month.

Fiat 500

So I was thinking that yeah maybe a no spend period would be a good idea, if anything so I actually have some money to put away into my savings at the end of every month. The question is what to give up? Well let's start with the payments that I have to make;

  • The money that I put into the household account, this covers the mortgage, bills and groceries
  • The payments I have already mentioned, my car and eyes
  • My phone bill, because last year I just had to have a new phone
  • And finally petrol because I have to actually be able to get to work to make more pennies

Now that I have established what I have to spend on let's have a look what I will be trying my hardest to not spend on;

  • Books - There so many in my to read pile already, and I did make an effort to get a library card
  • Costa - Love them, but really after 12 all I drink is peppermint tea which I already have at home
  • Make up - You can never have too much, but this is just a temporary thing
  • Clothes - I am in a weird phase with my wardrobe at the moment so probably best that I don't

Next big question, how long do I stop spending for? Shall we try six weeks like Charlotte? I'll start at six weeks and see if I can go a little bit further...

What I would love is if you guys could follow me on this journey on my Instagram feed as I think I will need some motivation with this one. I will also post my progress so keep coming back.

Let's see how well I do

Emma x