My top 10 Christmas Jumpers

A glimpse into my world down here...

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't have a daft and very cheesy Christmas jumper. I have been searching the internet to find my favourites, and of course I wanted to share them with you lovely people.

Just a little side note that as I am vegan I am only including jumpers that are man made materials, so there are others out there to chose from but I wont be wearing them.


Glitter Knitted jumper - £17.99 H&M

I am going to start with almost an introductory Christmas jumper. If you're not the sort of person who likes to wear some garish then why not inject a little sparkle into your wardrobe with this little knit.


I Believe Christmas Sweatshirt - £29

Some may say this is boring, I say it is simple and classic. You could consider this as an introductory Christmas jumper for those who aren't feeling that brave.


Christmas Tree Hugger - £69 People Tree

Although a little more than I would normally pay for a sweatshirt that I will only wear for one month a year, this one makes my inner vegan very happy.


Candy cane - £39 Topshop

I'm having a real Topshop moment, and there is no denying it they do some amazing Christmas jumpers every year. And what makes this one even better is that it comes in petite.


Hello Kitty - £45 ASOS

I am the first to admit that I am a small child at heart, and I am even worse at Christmas. No seriously, I still wake up stupidly early every Christmas Day. So this jumper is a dream come true.

*Unfortunately since I wrote this post this jumper is out of stock, but I love it so much that I wanted to keep it in


Mistletoe novelty jumper - £29.50 M&S

On the other end of the spectrum I think that Marks and Sparks have some very sophisticated Christmas jumpers, and I love this one.


Mother Christmas - £50 John Lewis

It is my goal in life to be as festive as Mother Christmas and this jumper is one step closer to realising that goal. Even better £10 from the sale of this jumper will go to Save the Children,


Christmas Puds Tit-Tee - £28 Girl v Cancer

Yes I know this isn't a jumper, and if you are anything like me you wont see a t-shirt at this time of year because it will be under a million layers. But one this is the most amazing cause and two I already own a Girl v Cancer tee and it is my favourite at the moment and finally three who doesn't love to be a little cheeky at Christmas.


Black Gingerbread Fairisle Knit - £15.99 New Look

I have to say that so far the jumpers that I have chosen have been pretty tame and tasteful that I decided that I need to add a few in your face jumpers. And I think this gingerbread number really ticks the box.


Christmas Elf Sweatshirt - £30 Next

If the last jumper ticked the "in your face" box, this one ticks the "this is just ridiculous" box. I don't think that I can really say anything else other than I think my little sister is going to love this one.


So there you have it ladies and gents, my ten favourite Christmas jumpers for 2017. So which one am I going to chose?  Had I been quicker I would have bought the Hello Kitty jumper just because I love it so much, and I will probably be adding the Christmas Puds Tit-Tee to my growing collection. But as for a Christmas jumper you will have to wait and see...

Remember this is day five of Blogmas, so if you haven't seen my other posts I would love it if you could have a look.

Until next time

Merry Christmas