My top stocking fillers

A glimpse into my world down here...

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid I used to get the same things in my stocking every year; chocolate coins, a couple of pieces of fruit (that either went funny or were placed back in the fruit bowl rather than being eaten), a bottle of Matey Bubble Bath and possibly a small, inexpensive toy.

However now whenever I search for stocking filler ideas the results are stupidly expensive. Don't get me wrong, yes they are small enough to fit in a stocking, but some of them cost more than I am going to spend on main presents.

So I wanted to compile a list of the items that I would love to find in my stocking this Christmas.


Golden Wonders bath bomb - £4.50

If you know me, then you know that I am obsessed with Lush and there is one bath bomb that I stock up on every year and that is Golden Wonders so I would happily have an extra to keep me going.


Invisibobble - £4.95

I love these bobbles, what with the fact that you don't get any of those horrible kinks in your hair, plus when they get a bit too stretched out you can put them in hot water and watch them return to their original size. Since going blonde I could do with some clear ones, hint hint.


Candy Kittens - £10.00

Don't be too alarmed by the price tag, this is for four packets so actually you are purchasing stocking fillers for several people. I love that they have vegan friendly flavours like the pineapple ones pictured.


Winter Votive Candle - £10.00

Okay for what you get the price tag on this one may be a little too much, but The White Company's Winter scent is one of my favourites and this is such a cute little candle.


Whittard Mulled Wine Tea Bauble - £6.00

I don't drink alcohol, but I love the taste of Mulled Wine, plus it is very rare that my tea cup is empty so this just covers all of the bases. Plus it comes in such a beautiful little tin bauble that you can refill for someone next year.


Tesco Chocolate Coins - £1.50

Even us vegans love to find chocolate coins in our stockings so this had to be done.


The Body Shop Muslin Cloth - £2.50

Muslin cloths are a beauty essential, so if you know someone who loves their skin care and you want a little something extra for their stocking then these are perfect.


Barry M Liquid Chrome - £3.99

If you can't have a bit of gold on your nails at Christmas, then when can you? Do I need to say more?


Bleach London Reincarnation Mask - £6.00

Another possible addition to the pamper evening. If you're like me then your hair is very dry and damaged from the styling and the bleaching. This hair mask is amazing, I know because I have gotten through a few already.


So there you have it, my top ten stocking fillers for Christmas 2017. My final words on the matter are; friends and family please take note.

Merry Christmas


P.S. A small note to my Mum, just in case she reads this. Please no more socks, I'm not Mnady