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 The Muppet's Christmas Carol

The Muppet's Christmas Carol

We are officially half way through Blogmas ladies and gents, I've said it before and I will no doubt say it again before we are finished, but I am super proud of myself for making it this far.

Today we are going to be discussing one of my favourite things about Christmas, and that is all the wonderful movies that come with it. Because for some reason it is only acceptable (free) to watch them in December, so I for one am making the most of it.

I want to share with you my top ten Christmas movies which will be on repeat for the next two weeks.


10 - The Holiday

So admittedly the only real link to Christmas is that the two women are swapping houses for the Christmas period. But when you have Jude Law looking that good, who really cares that it is only a tedious link.


9 - Four Christmases

I actually saw this in the cinema when it originally came out, and I wasn't sure when I first sat down but when I left I loved it. Normally I don't like slapstick humour which this is full of, but there is something else about family coming together at Christmas (mushy I know) that I love.


8 - Love Actually

Is it wrong that I only watch this film for the scene where Rowan Atkinson does the Christmas wrapping for the necklace that Alan Rickman is buying for the lady in the office. Yes the rest of the film is great but this is the bit I love.


7 - Home Alone

This might not be a popular statement but I am going with it, for the Christmassy feeling I actually prefer Home Alone 2 rather than the original. You have the toy shop, the turtle dove decorations, speaking to Santa and finally being reunited with his Mum under the giant Christmas tree. If that doesn't say Christmas I don't know what does.


6 - The Santa Claus (1 and 2 but not 3)

There has to be an element of mush to make a good Christmas, and in The Santa Claus we see a relationship develop between Charlie and his Dad Scott. Plus seeing Scott transform into Santa is done so well, and back again for The Santa Claus 2 what more could you ask for?


5 - A Miracle on 34th Street

I am including both versions of Miracle on 34th Street at number 5 because I can't chose between the two of them. The whole story is just so magical, with little Susan who doesn't believe in Santa, then Santa being arrested. What I love the most is that we don't actually know if he is Santa, or if it all just fell into place that way?


4 - A Christmas Carol

I reread A Christmas Carol every year, and my favourite movie adaptation is the 1999 version with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge. Partly because I love anything that Patrick Stewart has done, but mostly because this is one of the closest to the book that I've seen.


3 - Arthur Christmas

My absolute favourite part of this film is right near the end when Arthur, Steve and their Dad Father Christmas are watching the small girl open her present that they have been trying to deliver for most of the film. Arthur is watching on with such a childish look of joy, which leaves the other two to decide who will be the next Santa makes me all mushy inside.


2 - Elf

Do I really need to explain why I love Elf? If you've seen it then you know what I'm talking about and if you haven't then you need to watch it to join the rest of us.


1- The Muppet's Christmas Carol

Finally my favourite. I have seen The Muppet's Christmas Carol so many times that I could probably recite it word for word. It retains enough of the classic tale to pass it onto a younger generation and yet has that ever so subtle Muppet humour in it that make older audiences chuckle. Not to mention that I am a huge Muppet's fan in the first place and have seen every Muppet's film there is. 

I will admit that I am yet to watch it this year, but that will be corrected very shortly.

So there it is ladies and gents, my favourite Christmas films. Do you agree with me? Have I missed any out that would make it to your list? Let me know in the comments box below.

Until tomorrow, Merry Christmas