I'm doing Blogmas!

A glimpse into my world down here...

 My 2017 Christmas tree

My 2017 Christmas tree

Ladies and Gents it is finally here! December is here and you know what that means, you will be inundated with both Blogmas and Vlogmas and this is me informing you that I am going to be one of them this year.

I am hoping to post every day running up until Christmas Day, well that is the plan as this is the first year that I will be attempting Blogmas. There is also the added issue that thanks to the way that Christmas falls this year I will be in work up to and including the 22nd December.

So I am starting off easy by making this public announcement, and to share with you this picture of my Christmas tree. To be honest I'm not sure if I am going to leave my tree like this as I do have a few extra baubles that I could add, I'm still undecided...

The plan is to post every day at 6pm, so let me finish off this little post by saying Happy Blogmas and I will see you all again tomorrow.


Emma x